četrtek, 10. februar 2011

Sewing Tutorial on How to sew Zipper Inner Pocket

I've just made some new Spring/Summer Purse Bags for My Etsy Store and I want to show you How to sew the Zipper Inner pocket that you can use inside or outside of the bag, depends on your design. I usually use it for the inside of the bag, but this time I made small purse that has it on the outside:
And now you now how it's made!

sreda, 26. januar 2011

Dream Sewing Room

I sew a lot lately, so I have to change our kitchen into a sewing room, where I pretty much have everything I need. I'm so greatful to have a large tabel, where I can keep two of my sewing machines and I also use it as a cutting surface. Everything is quite ok, until I got visit from my friends or family. It just gets so embarrassing or I have to tide everything up and than later put everything back again.

I don't have any spare room in our flat where I live with my boyf riend, but still I can dream about what my sewing room would look like if I had one ..., haha!

ponedeljek, 20. december 2010

Icing snowflakes

Need an idea for this christmas tree decoration and want to craft something that will  impress your family and friends? I came up with these icing ornaments that you can make out of sugar and they look very simple but elegant.

ponedeljek, 13. december 2010

This Christmas Cards

As the first post on my new blog I would like to share  making christmas cards that I've just made. It's not much time left until christmas, but they are very easy to make and they look so simple.